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“The Real Alice” by Nick Mellersh

the play about the life of the real Alice in Wonderland - Alice Hargreaves (born Alice Liddell) illuminated with mimed extracts from the Alice books

Oxford Saturday July 10: 12.30 At the natural history museum - Lyndhurst Thursday July8: 7.00 At St Michael's Church

Hailed as a “masterpiece" when it was first performed in Lyndhurst the village where the real Alice spent fifty years of her life, this play tells you what happened when Alice grew up and grew old. This play was first performed as "Alice in Lyndhurst".

Read the review from the Lyndhurst Magazine

“... Later in the week villagers were treated to a play by local playwright Nick Mellersh entitled "Alice in Lyndhurst". wondered if there was anything new which could be said about her. However the audience sat spellbound as they learnt more about this formidable woman who had spent her married life in Lyndhurst. Nick Mellersh's script was a masterpiece with its wealth of poignant and humorous memories. Elizabeth Pascoe gave a wonderful performance as Alice Hargreaves and brought her character to life. Alistair Banks endeared himself with his jolly performance as Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) whilst a band of small children, suitably dressed as Alice characters mimed to the well known words. The parish church of St Michael and All Angels proved the perfect setting for the production which was enhanced by Paul Trend's projection of his own photographs and Tenniel drawings from the Alice books on to a large screen at the rear of the stage.”

Tickets: Tickets for the Lyndhurst performance will be available at the door of the church £6 (with a glass of wine at the end) on the night- it's a big church so there should be plenty of room (if we fill it up we promise to put on another performance!). For Oxford, admittance will be free to the lecture hall in the museum. Doors open 12-15 for 12.30 performance - be there in good time to get a good seat. Be sure to arrive in good time to get a good seat.


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