Script and description of the play “Alice in Lyndhurst“

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“Alice in Lyndhurst” is a play about Alice Liddell, the girl for whom the Alice books were written. The play was written by Nick Mellersh in 2009 and performed in Lyndhurst were Alice lived most of her adult life.

The play takes the form of Alice as an old woman reading a diary of her life and telling the story. Her story is interrupted now and then by Charles Dodgson at the other side of the stage who reads, relevant scenes from the Alice books.

In the first production children acted out the scenes - Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee etc. These scenes were mimed as if the children were playing at a game of Alice in Wonderlande. Thus there were no elaborate costumes, only minimal props, which they picked up on the stage. The idea worked well. It made the scenes look as if the Alice books were fun, (as indeed they are!) Normally it is hard to make it look like fun when the scenes are fully performed with speech, props complex costumes and so on. (People are forever tripping over their rabbit feet, and you can't hear them for the complex masks and so on, and the whole thing looks cumbersome.)

The play was done in the church where Alice is burried, in front of the very pew where she attended the church. The play was also supported by slides of the various people and places in the story.



Althought the play was specificallly written for Lyndhurst, I feel as if the play can pretty much stand on it's own and would be performable to any audience that had an interest in Alice as a person or the Alice books.

You can judge for yourself. The script is attached as a PDF document. Terms for performance are at my main plays page.


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