The People behind the book

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Miranda Pascoe - Author

Jeanie Mellersh - Illustrator

miranda Jeanie

Miranda Pascoe died in 2008 aged only 28, the youngest child of Nigel and Elizabeth Pascoe. Adored by her brothers and sisters and cherished by her friends, Miranda endured much illness and suffering, but had real courage, talent and a life-enhancing sense of humour. Her writing was her passion and her hope. Her first book The Ghost Whisperer can be found on at There are also stories and poems and in earlier days she showed promise as an illustrator, developed by the marvelous skill of Jeanie Mellersh. We are deeply grateful to Jeanie and Nick.

Harry The Bridesmaid is the first short story to be published. We think that it captures the artless innocence and real imagination of a very special child.
“If time could go back, I’d be there for you.”
(- taken from one of her writing notebooks)

Love from her family

Nigel, Elizabeth, Gillie, Hallam, Tristan, Jemma and Dimity.

Jeanie Mellersh is an artist and illustrator. She got to know Miranda when she taught her art. She loved Miranda and was happy to try to produce something really beautiful in her memory. In her illustrations Jeanie has tried to capture the emotions of Harry from his incredulity when he hears the idea, to his disgust as he puts on the dress.

Jeanie has illustrated a number of books including Small Steps Forward and Stepping Out, two books about bringing up autistic children by Sarah Newman and is co-author and illustrator of the classic flute book “Illustrated Fluteplaying.” More can be found at her web site


Book design and production

Nick Mellersh, (left) was Jeanie's technical consultant and right hand man during the production of the book. Nick helped with the recovery every time there was a computer crash or a lost file and did the original layout of the book Nick is a playwright and ex-computer man. You can see more about his plays and pantomimes here

The picture is a pastel drawing by Jeanie. We think it is a digital pastel done on the computer like the illustrations of "Harry the Bridesmaid" but digital pastel is so like the real thing it is hard to be sure.

Mark Huxtable, (picture coming) completed the book design and gave it the professional polish that it now has. Mark is a graphic designer who plans to more into landscape architecture. If you want a landscape architecting email him.

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