Harry is incredulous at the news

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Harry looks incredulous as his mother seems to be agreeing with his sister's plans.

Jeanie Mellersh, the illustrator, writes: Another great pose from my model as his disgust at the plan shows in his face.

About the illustration: Like all of the pictures in Harry the Bridesmaid, this was drawn directly on the computer using Corel Painter and a Wacom tablet.

For Harry's blonde hair I began with a broad airbrush placing darks against the cheeks both sides and near the crown of his head and shadowed the eye area. The background behind the head is also dark. Only then did I work in the ash blonde tones, using airbrush and finish with very fine brush and swift strokes of pale yellow.

For his blue eyes I chose a grey-blue-green. Inner nostrils and mouth are very dark red. My model was amazing, look out for a future character actor here!

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"Harry the Bridesmaid" is published by the Pascoe family as a memorial to their dear daughter Miranda

Email contact: harrythebridesmaid@yahoo.co.uk