Illustrated Fluteplaying

by Robin Soldan and Jeanie Mellersh (3rd edition -new September 04) Published by London Minstead Publications

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This book has become a classic, now in its third edition it shows exactly how to hold and handle the flute, and how to hold and handle your lips and the rest of your body while you are playing.  It has sensitive but extremely accurate drawings of mouth hand and body positions, cartoons to reinforce the points, and diagrams spiced with humour.

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Above: Don't flap your arms like an angel! One of many cartoons that make the point memorable and easy to find.

Below: Page on hand positions shown in detail and illuminated by the idea that the left hand should have enough empty space to hold an apple - another brilliant teaching point thought up by Robin Soldan. This one new to edition 3.

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I'm very proud of this page.  I believe the best form of illustrations is when the illustrator has more knowledge than can be shown in the illustration.  To make the comparative drawings I spent  a long time discovering how the lips moved then drew the illustrations from a series of high powered photos.  The movement is minute but crucial to making a good sound.

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Endorsements : " This book is wonderful. I think it is one of the most original and interesting books on the flute....It is a manual no one who is serious about the flute should be without and a boon to teachers world wide" James Galway.  "Jeanie Mellersh's pencil drawings are superb in illustrating lip, finger, tongue and diaphragm positions".  William Horwood.

Endorsements "... seldom have I seen a more clearly, copiously,  and imaginatively illustrated book"  Mark Underwood.  "..solid information on basic and more advanced techniques with delightful, artistically done illustrations ... an excellent teaching and learning aid"  Dr Mary Jean Simpson

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