Jeanie Mellersh
Digital Portrait Gallery - Nick from life

I drew this portrait freehand from life.  The morning sun hit the side of his head as he sat on my desk.  I used Painter and a Wacom A4 tablet. It took about forty five minutes.

You can see the untouched paper colour showing through the face.  In mid-portrait, I realised the eye on the right was too low. Not a problem with Painter. I lassoed it and lifted it up a few millimetres.

This painting was done with Corel Painter. I also do portraits in traditional media. I have done hundreds of portraits in my life and specialise in child portraits and “lightning” portraits. For commissions, lectures, demonstrations or live portrait drawing sessions for exhibitions email Jeanie. I live in England but will travel anywhere!

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All artwork © Jeanie Mellersh