Start Work: Basic structure of the head
Page 3 of tutorial on using Corel Painter to produce child portraits
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Trying out the Basic Strokes: It is now worth trying some strokes. Try a sharp dark line, burgundy, small brush (2-3) hard pressure. Now enlarge brush to (110) and make a very soft pressure stroke. It should come like a cloud. If not, change to a larger brush size and make more and more gentle strokes Ė think of stroking a tiny kitten. This is my technique used here for gradations. It needs a steady hand. Select All (CMD/Ctrl + A), then Backspace to clear after the practice, or start with a new canvas. Tutorial page 3 of 7


1. To begin the pastel I keep it light and soft and vague at first. Using burgundy colour and a very large brush (size 110) I pool a cloud of dusky burgundy to suggest the hair mass.
2. I paint a soft cloud of burgundy down the right side of the head and hair with a few thick and thin (sizes 17 and 2) burgundy strokes to suggest face position on the page. Remember to keep imaginary airspace above the head and on both sides of the face, in particular on the side where the eyes are looking. Think of the drawn head as a live human, who needs air space to breathe.
3. Fine lines suggest the jaw line. At this stage nothing is firmly defined, just suggested. As I draw, I will feel more happy with some lines and less happy with others. I canít spoil it, as changes are so easy to make. As I feel confident in a line, I may strengthen it, or I may override a less pleasing mark with a firm stroke, or erase back to the paper.
4. Eye sockets, and nose shadows are smudged in, very softly. The effect is similar to one using an airbrush, very diffuse. Eyebrows drawn in lightly. I am feeling my way into the portrait. In these illustrations I have not shown the airspace around the picture, so that the detail is clear. But there should always be airspace around a picture.

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All artwork © Jeanie Mellersh