Hair detail, rosy cheeks and background
Page 5 of tutorial on using Corel Painter to paint child pastel portraits
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11. The head looks too big, like a cycle helmet.  So, using the sandy  paper colour, I reshape it.  

12. I heighten with sand colour the flick of hair on the right of the painting and darken beneath it with black smudge.
13. For shadows and highlights that bring the hair to life, I work black and burgundy dark and light haloes into the hair. As I paint shadows and highlights in the hair, I am aware of the halo-like way they are arranged on the head a series of ellipses almost touching near the top of the head - they all softly blend (see diagram). Over this are fine lines in sand, burgundy and pink and black suggesting fine strands of baby hair. I find pink  surprisingly good for a very fine sun bleached hair colour.

14. Highlights in the hair. I have used white with a brush (size 35), soft touch, and a white touch on the flick on the right of the painting. Some hair detail is done using sand colour and a tiny brush.

15. Here some colour is added to the background. I only use the colours used in the portrait. Rose colour and shell pink are used on the left of the head and shell pink on its own on the right. I did it freehand without masking techniques.

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