Costume texture and detail
Page 6 of tutorial on using Corel Painter to paint child pastel portraits
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16. Here I begin to sketch in the costume using a small brush, burgundy colour, suggesting the costume. Tutorial page 6 of 7
17. I begin to paint the dress in rose - large loose brush strokes  
18. The detail of the dress is picked out using burgundy, with large and small brushes careful not to take focus from the face.

19. Shell pink adds soft highlights to the dress to bring out the shape. I leave the bottom edge rough.

Printing:  Pastel portraits come out best on a matt finish paper.  Using a photo-quality printer they look good up to about 50% larger than the canvas.  For bigger sizes or reproduction you will need a larger canvas and a higher dpi value.

As a finishing touch, I add the signature in dark using small brush and normal handwriting pressure, and the job is done.  See next page for notes and what to do next

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All artwork © Jeanie Mellersh