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Nick has written a number of plays and pantomimes that have been performed locally and beyond.

Pantomimes:  Tutorial and Scripts

How to write pantomime scripts - a tutorial

A discussion of how to write pantomime scripts covering, basic rules, choosing the story, shaping the pantomime, shaping individual scenes, use of music, and writing and producing for children.

Pantomime Scripts 

A few of my pantomime scripts that you can download and perform if you like them.  Also I will write a pantomime especially for you.

Plays for performance

"Amazing Grace - John Newton from Slave Trader to Hymn Writer  (Currently unavailable 2011 to be restored soon)

This is the astonishing story of John Newton slave captain turned priest and writer of Amazing Grace and many other well known hymns. For reading in churches, chapels and schools supported by the singing of hymns. Cast  4 - preferably 2 women and 2 men. The audience or congregation get the opportunity to join in the singing of the hymns.  Very little rehearsal needed.  Length of performance 60 - 70 minutes.

"Angel Cake" - A Christmas play for two women

A touching play about the relationship between a mother and daughter with a surprising twist.  A cake is baked during the performance of the play.  The cake acts as a symbol of reconciliation between them and can also be shared out among the audience at the end.  Written especially for women's groups and clubs as a Christmas entertainment.  Performance time 15 minutes.  Cast two women - mother (60+) and daughter.

"Lylee" - A play for two women about life and redemption

A play that is at once thought provoking and amusing.  A middle aged woman in crisis is waiting for a blind date picked from a newspaper advertisement.  As she gets more and more nervous she cries out "Oh Christ I need a cigarette" and Christ appears (as a woman) and offers her one.  They talk about why the world is in such a mess and why God allows it.  Lylee has a nice ending that shows the meaning and the responsibilities of forgiveness.   "A marvelous piece of work"  Seamus Flanagan - playwright.  Aimed for performance in Church.  But considered blasphemous by the undiscerning.  Time 20 minutes.  Cast 2 women - one mid forties (the woman on a date) the other either distinctly older or younger (Christ).

"Alice in Lyndhurst" - A play about the life of the real Alice in Wonderland

Time 1 hour 30 minutes.  Cast 2 principal players. Alice who reads her part and Dodgson who reads selections from the Alice Books. Supporting cast 1 man, 1 woman, several young children to mime the scenes and play Alice and sisters as young children. Minimum number of children 4 girls.( First performance used 8 children but only to give all a part if they wanted one.).