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Existing scripts

Here are three of my favourite scripts that you can download and read at your leisure.  All were written as community pantomimes and intended to have large casts.  They were originally done with a cast of 40 or 50 children.  These are all zip files that expand into Word documents.

Beauty and the Beast

A nice poetic version of the fairy tale with plenty of slapstick humour as well as magical scenes.  It fairly zips along especially in the second half.

Download Beauty and the Beast (file size 40k approx) Click here to download


A jungle pantomime similar to the stories of a somewhat similar name.  Lots of good humour here with the apes and a ridiculous set of aristocrats, top models, professors, and social snobs who crash in the jungle and are forced to dine with Barzan's family of Apes.  Nice scene too where Barzan meets Zane.  Plenty of action as Barzan battles to win Zane and save the ivory in the elephant's graveyard from exploitation.  Good dame part for Barzan's mother (an ape of course.)

Download Barzan (file size 40k approx) Click here to download


The Western pantomime complete with cowboys and Indians.  This is good fun with plenty of action, gun fights, humour and love scenes and songs.  It has an ecological theme with the Dakota Indians fighting to keep their lands safe from the wicked miners.  Keeps up a good pace all the way and works very well.  Quite moving at the end.

Download Hiawatha (size 50k approx) Click here to download

Pantomimes especially written for you

If you want a pantomime to suit your particular place and circumstances, I would be happy to write you one, and make sure you get something good.  Approximate charges are 150 if it is based on one of my existing pantomimes (and I've written twenty or so) and 200 if I start from scratch.

Nick Mellersh  Oct 2002

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