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male flowersMale flowers

What happens in spring: Warmer longer days wake the tree. The sap rises up the trunk, along the branches, along the twigs and finally reaches the buds. The sap is dragged up microscopic tubes mostly in a layer between the bark and the wood. Buds and Leaves Buds open into tiny leaves. At first they have a tinge of pink from the carotinin that shows in autumn before they are filled with the green of chlorophyll. Flowers: Oak trees have tiny flowers in the spring and these are fertilised by insects and over the summer turn into acorns Male flowers left, and female - tiny tiny acorns) right.) And living on the tree As the leaves appear so do the caterpillars that eat them, and in turn so do the birds that eat the caterpillars for they too have laid their eggs in time to collect the harvest on the oak tree. Link to relevant part of blog.

female flowersFemale flowers

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