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What happens in winterNothing much above the ground. Quite a lot underneath. During the winter the tree closes down and acts just like a piece of wood - which it is. However under the tree and under the ground plenty is happening. Around the leaf litter The leaf litter hides a treasure trove of acorns. These sprout a root and start to grow probably in vain as come next summer they will be eaten either by caterpillars that fall from the in the rain or by passing animals. Meanwhile an army of earthworms and other tiny animals are eating the leaf litter and returning the result to the soil used by the tree. Look at the spring photos and the leaf litter is all gone. Insects lay their eggs The oak moth mates and the females climb the oaks to lay their eggs around the buds. If they get their timing right the caterpillars will hatch in time to have a feast of tender young leaves. Flocks of hungry birds occasionally visit the tree to eat the insects and their eggs. Meanwhile the oak waits for spring. Link to relevant part of blog.
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