oakFacts about the oak

This oak tree is called Yseult. Named after a remarkable forest woman who lived nearby. It's a pedunculate English oak (Quercus Rubor.) Pedunculate means the acorns grow on little sticks like elves pipes.

How big?

Almost 30 metres (110ft.) high, I think.. About 6 metres round the trunk at chest height. About 10 or twelve people could stand around the tree with their arms touching. It is a big oak, but not the biggest in the New Forest.

How old?

Probably about 600 years old. A rule of thumb is that an oak is 100 years old for every metre of girth at chest height. Henry V was a baby about the time this tree was an acorn. This church was here then of course but the bit where the exhibition is shown was not built until the 18th century.

Where is it?

In the New Forest not far from Minstead.


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