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What happens in Summer: In the summer the tree grows. You can think of it as a machine that builds itself from air and water (oh yes and with a very small percentage of trace elements the roots find in the soil). The sun on the leaves takes the carbon dioxide (the gas animals like us breathe out, the ponies that graze around it, the birds and the insects and us.) The leaves split it into carbon which builds the tree and oxygen that we animals can breath again. Trees keep on growing till they die. Mature trees grow a little at the tip of the twigs and add girth to the trunk and branches (that’s why wood has rings.) Meanwhile caterpillars and a million insects eat the leaves and birds eat the caterpillars. As well as new wood the oak has to produce acorns from the tiny female flowers, the buds for next years leaves, and the oak produces a fresh crop of leaves in August - the “Lamas growth”. Link to relevant part of blog.
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