This is the Wolf Creek straw bale house built by Paul Mellersh and Catherine Arbini in Grass Valley California.

Paul has a BA and an AS degree from Sonoma State university in energy anagement and environmental subjects. Both he and Catherine have a wealth of hard won experience that they are happy to share.

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Wolf Creek Straw Bale House built by Paul Mellersh & Catherine Arbini
Let them help you build your dream home!

Paul and Catherine have built their own lovely
strawbale house on Wolf Creek in Grass Valley California.
Now their experience and expertise can help you build
your dream home wherever you live
Everything including:
 Complete project management.
 Help with design and planning.
 Skilled help at critical times.
 Training in the relevant skills.
 Working alongside you under your direction.

Pumice layer on footings
Framing almost finished

Catherine fixes roof

Catherine fixes a roof truss

Straw bales in position
paul plasters
Paul works on the plastering
Interior plastered
Plastering finished in the interior
tempreture differences
Tempreture difference - Outside 88.5 - Inside 73.6. No air conditioning of course!
The low-relief mural on the North wall - Mexican corn Goddess/ Created and painted by Catherine Arbini and Jeanie Mellersh