Sally's Free Flower Card
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image for the card

This lovely anemone card is copyright free for personal use. Download it now so you can have one of Sally's cards to send and enjoy!

How to get your card:

1. Download and print. Click on this link or the one below to download . A window should appear giving you the choice of downloading or opening the card where it is. Either is OK. When you open the card, it will appear in a window where you can save and print it. Print on A4 or "Letter" sized paper. (If the card does not show, see instructions on the bottom of this page.)

card being printed

2. Fold: Fold twice - first lengthwise, then in half to stand.

card folded

3 Use as card: Add your greeting and send!

Card in use




We hope you get pleasure from the card, and go on to get more work from Sally!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE CARD (approx 50 kilobytes)

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Images are copyright © Sally Mellersh 2004 The downloaded card is free of copyright for personal use. The image must not be used separately from the card.

If the card does not appear when you try to open the card, you need the free Acrobat reader (most computers have it). Click on this link to go to a site that lets you download the reader. The Acrobat reader it is an essential part of using the web effiiently. Note that, although it constantly hassles you to see if there are updates, getting updates is normally completely unnecessary, nor will you need to buy the professional version, get the free one!.