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Torn Apart - A play about International Child Abduction

This play is an attempt to understand and explain the implications of international child abduction. The author, Nick Mellersh, is part of a family that has suffered this problem at first hand . He has talked and correpsonded with many people who have been through similar experiences or have been abducted themselves.

The author's family story ended tragically with the children being killed by the mother in an isolated farmhouse in Turkey. The script does not currently cover this but Nick is updating it in 2012 to include the new information.

Nick is looking for help and support to mount the play at some suitable venue preferably with experienced actors. Email him at if you can help in any way.

Performing the play: The play is in copyright but if you wish to perform the current script, or to spread the word in anyway, I will grant you permission. Meanwhile links to the script and a rehearsed reading we did last year for International Missing Children Day can be seen on Youtube by following the link. We hope to perform the play again on Missing Children's day this year.

More about the play

The play requires a cast of four. The cast initially plays the two parents and the children, a boy and a girl. The children are played both as children aged four and six and as grown adults. This arrangement allows them to act out the scenes of their abduction and comment on them. The other characters (police, psychiatrist, social workers, supporters of the run-away mother, kidnappers etc.)are played by one or other of the four cast members It seems as if hundreds of people get involved in these cases.. The play provides interesting part for any actor.

Advice on international child abduction

If you are a victim of international child abduction you should act fast and decisevely. Contact
Reunite International at and talk to them now. If you are not a UK citizen go to their Links page and follow the link to a suggested site. The Mellersh family can offer you moral support and a shoulder to cry on but no more. Early action is vital.